2023 Valdes Math Scholarship

Valdés Math receives financial support from participating school districts, local governments, foundations, corporations, and individual donors to enable students from low-income families to participate in our summer math program.

If you are interested in having your child attend our summer math program, then please contact your school/district staff and ask if they are participating with the José Valdés Math Foundation.  If yes, then please ask them to include your child on their official summer list.  This is the most direct way of enrolling your child in the Valdés Math Program.  If you are not affiliated with any of our participating school districts, but you are still interested in applying to/for our summer math program, then please contact us, and, together, we can determine if your child qualifies for a Valdés Math scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to students whose families meet low-income guidelines.  Participation is also dependent on the number of available seats.  Participating school districts are allocated seats in our summer classrooms for their respective students, and, should there be any open seats, we will allocate each available seat to one of our eligible families.  If seats are not available, then scholarship students are placed on a class waiting list until seats become available, at which time we will offer those seats to our eligible families.  Thus, summer placement is predicated on classroom seat availability.

Scholarship opportunities are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact our Program Director, Mr. Bob Turner, at to request additional information.

The José Valdés Math Institute Curriculum is aligned to California Common Core Standards for Mathematics.