The José Valdés Math Foundation Programs

What do our programs offer and how will they benefit your child(ren)? We’ll tell you! 

The José Valdés Math Foundation provides support to students who are looking to improve their math skills. Valdés Math administers two programs that include a year-round, online tutoring program and a seven-week summer math program. The two programs are our Summer Math Academy and our Summer Institute. 

The José Valdés Foundation Summer Math Academy

The Valdés Summer Math Programs provides in-person math instruction to students in both the Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. The Summer Math Program is seven weeks of instruction, Monday through Thursday, providing 182 hours of class time. The 182 hours is the equivalent of a full academic year of instruction.

The Valdés Math Academy serves students who are struggling in Math and find themselves one or more grade levels behind in their math skills. The summer program curriculum is designed to help students from low-income families to regain their math skills and improve at least one grade level at the end of the seven-week program. 

The start date for the summer program is typically mid-June and ends in the final week of July. Enrollment starts in April and we serve approximately 300 to 400 students.

We currently serve and offer enrollment to students in the following school districts for the Valdés Math Academy:
 Alum Rock Union Elementary School District
 Evergreen Elementary School District
 Mountain View Whisman School District
 Oak Grove School District

In addition to more one-on-one attention from State certified Valdés teachers, students in the Academy will receive credit for their completed math course. The Valdés Academy math curriculum is accredited through the Western Association of Colleges and Schools and aligns with the State of California Common Core Standards. 

Math is the gateway to success – let us help your child build their academic confidence that will allow them to reach their goals!

The José Valdés Math Institute

Is your child looking for an academic challenge? We’ve got the program just for them! 

If your child is doing well in math and are in the 6th , 7th or 8th grade, our Valdes Math Institute is designed to increase their skill level and prepare them for taking more accelerated, complex math and STEM curriculum by the time they enter the 9th grade. 

The Institute is also taught in-person and is seven weeks of instruction, Monday through Thursday. Your student will be with us in class for a total of 182 hours during their summer. That equivalates to one entire school year! 

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Both our Academy and Institute offer multiple levels of math courses — and we’d love to see your student return summer after summer! Your child will graduate from our programs with a new found level of confidence and an enhanced appreciation of learning.